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Welcome to Winking Falcon Productions.


       We provide a line of quality web-related services at a very reasonable cost. We believe in using a simple format with an attractive design without all of the bells and whistles. Winking Falcon Productions specializes in websites for non-profit agencies, educational and promotional sites.

Many organizations look at using websites for part of their promotional plan. It can be used as a place for people to gather information about your agency's events, links to other related sites, resources, opportunities, training and more.


       As an alumnus of Bowling Green State University located in northwest Ohio, I began my training and experience in the classroom using web pages to showcase student activities and achievements, and as an aid to my teaching. During this time, I was very fortunate to be approached to take part in developing a web site for a nonprofit organization. Since then I have been asked to design several other sites. This inspired me to create Winking Falcon Productions.


Complete Website Packages are Available!


       Need a web site? Need help in designing a website? Winking Falcon Productions can design and build the complete web package for your organization and get your website up and running. Packages start as low as $600.00 per year. Depending on the size of your site, cost will vary. Many package sizes are available and include the following items:


  • Domain Name Registration -, .net, .org, .info
  • Hosting Setup
  • Logo Design
  • Web Page / Site Design
  • Site Maintenance / Updates
  • Digital Photography / Photo Scanning
  • Graphic Design & Print Advertising


       Send inquiries to Winking Falcon Productions! Tell us what you need and we will give you an estimate and/or set up a time to discuss your options. We can help you take your idea from infancy to a digital format.


       Site traffic reports can also be made available.


       Winking Falcon Productions can also create and produce slide shows for your business and web promotional needs.


       We offer logo design and graphic design for your business as well as simple animations and imagery. Depending on the sophistication of the banner, Winking Falcon Productions can design your web page's main banner and other images if needed. Certain restrictions may apply.


       When designing web pages, avoid using content that can be distracting such as: scrolling text, sounds, busy backgrounds, popup windows, and large annoying animated images. The KISS method is best used (Keep It Simple Stupid). Too many images on one page can be distracting and have a displeasing appearance. Try to limit images to 2-3 per page. Most people do not like to scroll down many pages. A simple and good design would be a page that needs very little scrolling. To make it easier to read, text sections should narrow instead of wide.  The use of "white space" is also used to make the pages more attractive and easier to read.


       Please contact Winking Falcon Productions for more info...


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