Lack of Driver Education is the Leading Cause of Accidents in Gold Coast Roads

With technology getting a lot more sophisticated every year, cars become increasingly safe to drive. However, even with today’s cars, the most important factor in road safety is still the driver. 

driving lessons Gold CoastNo matter how advanced a car’s safety features are, they won’t save a driver and the passengers from an accident if the former doesn’t have proper education and training.

Today, Gold Coast suburbs face heavy traffic flow due to an ever-increasing number of vehicles on the roads. When you couple this with more and more people deciding to take up driving as a hobby, there is bound to be accidents; however, some drivers could be making the roads more dangerous than they need to be.

The number of drivers who decide not to complete a mandatory driver education course before hitting the road could be increasing, as this is not only putting their passengers at risk but other motorists and pedestrians as well. Without a proper training process, even having an international or interstate license doesn’t mean a driver is licensed to drive.

In Australia, there are stringent rules and regulations to help people get the proper training before they go on a road for the first time. The laws vary from state to state, so you must check your local roads authority website.

A qualified and licensed driving school offers a comprehensive training program that includes defensive driving techniques, the rules of the road and how to follow them to make your drive safe.

Driving instructors are fully qualified professionals who understand the needs of all types of drivers. They train you how to drive and prepare you for potential common or unexpected events on the roads. For example, in Australia, if the police pull you over for exceeding the speed limit, then it is compulsory to know what to do when that happens.

Getting your license doesn’t mean you can now think of yourself as a professional driver; that’s why it’s important always to get driving lessons Gold Coast even after you hit the road. A driver education course can be completed online before hitting the road or with an instructor in person. Either way, you will be better equipped and prepared for your time on the roads.

Furthermore, there is a strong possibility that you could be saving someone’s life.

At its most basic, drivers should always:

– Obey the speed limit

– Not use your mobile phone while driving

– Stop at stop signs and red lights

– Give way to pedestrians and other motorists on the road

If you haven’t completed your training and want to be on the road as soon as possible, speaking to an instructor at a Gold Coast driving school will put you on the right path. The list of rules goes on, but it takes a village to raise a child, as the saying goes. We can always do more to make Australia’s roads safer for everyone.

If nothing else, this is vital information every Gold Coast resident should know and keep in mind when they drive around their city or even out of state, so everyone stays safe on the roads.