The Benefits of a Weighted Anxiety Blanket

Weighted blankets are popular for many different reasons. In addition to helping people relax, they can boost their mood. A weighted blanket can regulate blood pressure and reduce levels of the hormone cortisol, which affects the body’s response to stress. In addition, an anxiety-relieving anxiety blanket can help a person sleep better and feel better the next morning. Here are some of the benefits of a weighted blanket:


A weighted anxiety blanket is heavier than a regular blanket. It contains lead-free glass microbeads inserted into tiny pockets in the 100 per cent cotton fabric. These beads create deep pressure touch stimulation and are evenly dispersed throughout the entire length of the blanket, giving it a soft, hug-like feel. The weighted texture of the anxiety blanket is soothing and can help lower cortisol levels.


The weighted anxiety blanket is much heavier than a standard blanket. In addition, the blanket contains lead-free glass microbeads sewn into small pockets on the fabric. These beads provide a deep pressure touch stimulation, which helps reduce cortisol levels. These weighted anxiety products can also be used as a bed cover and are portable. However, you should consider your age and height before purchasing an anxiety blanket.


Anxiety blankets come in various weights, depending on your height and weight. Anxiety blankets are typically 5 to 25 pounds, but some are larger or smaller and should be tailored to fit you. You should choose one that is comfortable to wear for a long time. For extra comfort, some of the heavier versions are also removable. If you need a portable option, an anxiety blanket may be the right choice for you.


Anxiety blankets are widely available and have become popular. Most are made of cotton, although some are made with cotton blends. This makes them softer and easier to maintain. Some companies even offer antimicrobial versions, which minimize the spread of germs. The blankets can be as portable as a bed cover or as large as you’d like. In any case, make sure you select a size that fits your needs.


Anxiety blankets are available in several sizes. You can choose between twin, full, queen, king, and extra-large. The weighted anxiety blanket is heavier than a standard blanket. In addition, it contains lead-free glass microbeads that are sewn into the pockets of a 100 per cent cotton fabric. These beads create a deep pressure touch stimulation that effectively reduces cortisol levels. You can purchase a weighted anxiety blanket for adults and children.


Anxiety blankets can help people with panic attacks, insomnia, and other problems. A weighted blanket mimics the sensation of a warm hug and releases a flood of serotonin. A weighted anxiety blanket should be about ten to twenty-five pounds, and it is advisable to choose one that is 10 pounds heavier than you. The extra weight may prevent you from falling asleep. There are also some benefits to using a weighted anxiety blanket.

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