Medical Centres

A medical centre is an establishment that provides treatment and other healthcare services for patients. These institutions employ health-science experts and other auxiliary staff to provide treatment. Medical equipment is also utilised in hospitals and other medical facilities. If you or a loved one requires treatment in a medical centre, the following facilities offer various services. Read on to learn more about these facilities. You can also visit one of the following websites for more information.


UAB Hospital

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical Center is a major clinical research hospital. Its faculty is dedicated to providing world-class care to every patient, and the hospital is located in the Birmingham District. Its facilities and services are renowned for their advanced diagnostic and treatment capabilities. For example, UAB is home to the state’s only Proton Therapy Center and the nation’s only Level 1 Trauma Center for adults. Check out www.stirlingclinic.com.au Adelaide Hills medical centre.


The UAB Health System comprises 16 hospitals, including the UAB Hospital Main & Highlands and the Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital. The UAB Health System provides these hospitals with governance, co-branding, recruitment, and strategic clinical programs, and it also collaborates with Affiliates and clinical outreach programs.


Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic is an American academic medical centre emphasising integrated health care, education, and research. While most academic medical centres focus on one or two of these areas, the Mayo Clinic provides all three. Learn more about the Mayo Clinic’s mission. Founded in 1891, the Mayo Clinic has grown into one of the largest health care systems in the world. While not every patient visits the Mayo Clinic, all patients are treated by the Mayo Clinic.


The Mayo Clinic is committed to patient education and communication. The medical centre utilises eConsults to connect physician specialists to Mayo Clinic physicians. The Mayo Clinic also offers inpatient telephone consultations and informal conversations between providers and Mayo specialists to help patients with their conditions. Likewise, Mayo provides boards, which are live video conferences between physicians and patients to discuss complex cases. Check out www.stirlingclinic.com.au Adelaide Hills medical centre.


University of Michigan

The University of Michigan medical centre is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Previously known as the University of Michigan Health System, this medical centre is part of the University of Michigan. Founded in 1854, the medical centre serves as the University of Michigan’s primary teaching hospital and is the largest employer in the state. Located in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, this medical centre is one of the leading academic health centres in the country.


The University of Michigan Medical Center employs a comprehensive computerised clinic scheduling system that handles approximately 750,000 patient visits a year. The system features a variety of integrated functions, including appointment booking, multiple scheduling, wait-for lists, reschedules, and routine requests for radiology reports and medical records. The system is available at nearly 1,800 computer terminals and is routinely used by about 400 users. The system is also flexible and allows individual physician scheduling specifications.


University of Michigan Medical Center

The University of Michigan Medical Center (UMMC) is Michigan’s most extensive health care system. Formerly called the University of Michigan Health System, this hospital system is wholly owned by the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As of May 1, 2016, the UMMC is ranked third among the nation’s hospitals. Its facilities and physicians are highly regarded throughout the health care industry. In addition to its outstanding reputation, the hospital offers world-class healthcare services.


The U-M Medical Center comprises multiple hospital campuses, including the 550-bed general adult University Hospital, the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, and the Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital. U.S. News & World Report states that the hospital is the best in Michigan in nine of 12 adult specialties. It also ranks sixth for pediatric cardiology and 11 for adult ophthalmology. Among its many distinguished alumni, the medical centre was founded in 1850 by two men who later established the Stryker Corporation and the Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company.



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