A Single Page Website Format

A common trend, that is seen especially in portfolio or brochure websites, demonstrates that certain sites can benefit from a simple, single page website. The idea that a website can be created with just one page seems crazy, but with our industry shifting towards simplicity for ease of use, a single page web site can be a viable and effective option for some organizations.

Single page designs have the following advantages over multi-page sites:

  • Navigating through content is quicker
  • Easier maintenance because you only have to maintain one web page

Single page designs have the following disadvantages against multi-page sites:

  • Less room for content
  • The content rarely changes.

This type of web site is used to introduce an agency, business, club, or individual similar to the way the "Yellow Pages" did years ago. If you want to order a pizza and need the phone number, the "Yellow Pages" are no longer used. You Google it! If your looking for a business address, you Google it! If you need a plumber, painter, or handyman, you Google it! Times change!

Giving an introduction as to who you are, is the main purpose of this site. Things that appear on these sites would be: the address, contact link, phone number, business hours, and so on. Please ask us how we can set up a simple "dot com" for you on a one page site. It might be a good place to start which can always be added to later.

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Here are some examples of single page websites:

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