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    Kohl and Cook have knowledge and experience that you need in the area of Ohio foreclosure defense and consumer litigation.  Our fee agreements are designed to be affordable!  We want you to save your home without having to worry about our bill.


   Most of our Ohio foreclosure defense clients do not need or want to file bankruptcy.  They do not have mountains of debt, but rather a mortgage and a few other debts.  Usually, something happened in their life that caused them to miss a couple of mortgage payments.  After they recover, they just want to start paying their mortgage again to avoid foreclosure.  Maybe they need a loan modification, but the mortgage company refuses to help.  That is where we step in.  We employ a multi-pronged effort to get the mortgage company to do what it should have already done: help you save your home from foreclosure.   We do all this at a very affordable cost!  We are located in Columbus, Ohio, but help people throughout Ohio.

Affordable Foreclosure Defense


This is How We Will Help:


1. We defend the Ohio foreclosure lawsuit in court to prevent a default judgment against you.


2. We work with the bank's lawyers (not customer service) for a resolution that will benefit you.


3. When appropriate, we file a RESPA lawsuit against your mortgage servicer for not helping you sooner (we ask the bank to pay our fees).


After helping other families throughout Ohio, we know what gets results.  We know where the banks regularly slip up, and how we can leverage those mistakes for your benefit, all at an affordable cost.  That usually means a loan modification, reinstatement, or write-off for you.  We know how to get resolutions that our clients find helpful because foreclosure defense is what we do.  All at an affordable cost!  Call us today at (555) 555-5555 to see how we can help you with your Ohio foreclosure issue.

You are Not Alone!


    Times can be tough, even for the best of us.  Life has thrown you a curve ball.  That does not make you a bad person.  It just means you need help getting back on track.  That is okay - and we can help!


    Our team has represented many people facing foreclosure throughout Ohio.  They all needed the same thing you do - a helping hand.  We have stepped in to help save their home from foreclosure, and get them on their feet again.


     It is common for people to call us after working for months with their mortgage company and getting nowhere.  We find most mortgage companies do not have the staffing needed to help people facing foreclosure.  Few deliver the help our clients need, which is why they call us.  You do not need to face the big banks alone.  Schedule your free consultation today so we can help.  Call (555) 555-5555 to talk to someone who wants to help you with your foreclosure defense.


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